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Message Vault


Message Vault (or MV for short) is a Windows 9x/2k utility for archiving and accessing email messages. With MV, you can relieve your primary email client of the burden of storing years worth of mostly unused messages, yet keep those messages easily accessible. By using data compression, and by optionally moving attachments to offline storage, you can store tens of thousands of messages with relatively little disk space.

In addition, MV encrypts your messages using state of the art encryption techniques. Many popular email clients store messages "in the clear", leaving your correspondence open to anyone with access to your machine. MV makes these messages private, opened only by a password.

The features of Message Vault include:

  • Source systems: Exchange, Outlook, Notes, AOL, Netscape, Eudora, IMAP4, Pegasus Mail, MHS, ExpressIT, GroupWise, cc:Mail (archives and folders), daVinci e-Mail, Notework, Compuserve
  • Limit attachment size and distribution list during import
  • Up to 65536 messages per message database (vault)
  • Industry standard "Deflation" algorithm (RFC1951)
  • "Two Fish" encryption invented by Counterpane Systems
  • Messages can be sorted and displayed in numerous predefined or custom views
  • Powerful and fast search feature
  • Messages can be categorized by up to 64 predefined keywords
  • Export Messages to standard RFC822 format
  • View multiple messages in a single window
  • Support for HTML mail

The evaluation version will run for a maximum of 30 days, and will also display a short "watermark" paragraph at the beginning of all message text.

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