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SOCRAT for Windows Messenger 1.0 05-15-03
English - Russian - English translator of instant messengers in Windows Messenger and MSN Messenger. Provides the possibility of free contact for people of different languages by exchanging instant messages in Windows Messenger and MSN Messenger.
Messenger / Capabilities New

Msn Messenger Font Colors 05-15-03
MSN Messenger allow to select text color from the 16 colors list. Set any RGB color for text with this small program.
Messenger / Tuning New

dMSN Messenger 1.3.3 04-08-03
dMSN is a JAVA based Instant Messaging program for the MSN protocol, just like the normal MSN from Microsoft.
Messenger / Capabilities New

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Messenger Helper
» Messenger Helper
Add-in for MSN Messenger. It could automatic recording of chatting message.
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 // Top 10:

1.   dMSN Messenger 1.3.3 (36641)
2.   Msn Messenger Font Colors (16038)
3.   SOCRAT for Windows Messenger 1.0 (588)
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