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Pocket Contact Synchronizer


The Microsoft Outlook 2002 Add-in: Pocket Contact Synchronizer version 1.2 (PCS) helps you synchronize contacts with devices such as your Microsoft Windows® CE or Pocket PC device.
From any contact folder you specify, this add-in moves contacts easily to the device you want. For example, you can synchronize a public folder that contains team contacts. Using the Outlook PCS, you can synchronize as many contact folders as you want.

The Outlook Pocket Contact Synchronizer does not synchronize contacts directly to a device. First, it copies contacts from the folders you specify into your default contacts folder in Outlook. This is a one-way synchronization, and a duplicate set of contacts is created.

When you click the Outlook PCS button to synchronize, the items in your default folder are then cross-checked with your contacts back in the specified folder. The next time you use Microsoft ActiveSync® 3.0 or later, your new contact data will appear on your Windows CE or Pocket PC device.

You can synchronize as many folders as you like, and Outlook PCS will do all the work for you.

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  • User Opinions
    scho90 5 stars June 3, 2005
    Follow Tim! instructions, and then it works fine with Outlook 2003 !
    Tim! 5 stars January 6, 2005
    This product doesn't work as downloaded from However, if you extract the .MSI file from the download using something like WinZIP, you can right-click on the .MSI file and select install and it works fine.
    Robert P. 2 stars October 15, 2004
    I would really like for my new Pocket PC to be able to synchronize all of my Pocket PC contacts with my desktop version of Outlook 2003. I can't get it to work.
    Jeff 2 stars October 11, 2004
    This product installed, but did not work at all. We have Outlook 2002 and Exchange Server 2003
    Josh 4 stars April 14, 2004
    This product is good, but it does not work with Outlook 2003.
    Carmen Lessard 1 stars December 1, 2003
    I'm in an endless loop!!!! It won't let me install. Please help! I just want to sync subfolders!!
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