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Extended MAPI in DELPHI


Example # 1
Log in MS Exchange Server and
Query User Identity
How to:
Use MAPInitialize
Use MAPIINIT_0 structure with MAPIInitialize
Use MAPIInitialize when CoInitializeEx is called with the COINIT_MULTITHREADED
Use MAPILogonEx
Control how logon is performed
Query Identity
Use MAPIAllocateBuffer
Use MAPIFreeBuffer
Use IMAPISession.Logoff
Use MAPIUninitialize
How to use Personal folder (*.PST) files from DELPHI(Loading and Creating a *.PST) ...
Example 18
How with Extended MAPI a developer working on Borland DELPHI can create or/and load a PST file without existing MAPI profile. Then you can use this *.PST as your Private Store, that hold secret data.
This example show and how to create and delete folders in IPM_SUBTREE.

Using IMsgStore
Using IMsgServiceAdmin
Using IProfAdmin... A userís personal folders are found on the client computer in a file with the extension .PST

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    Mazal-Tov Yosi 1 stars November 5, 2004
    Good Lib. No Component. Need 1-10 Weeks To Learn How To Use. Good Only For ENGINEERS WITH 5 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE
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