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WinDeveloper TNEF View


WinDeveloper TNEF View exposes the internals of TNEF (winmail.dat) encoded email messages.

Bodies, Attachments, Properties... - All TNEF encoded data is accessible through WinDeveloper TNEF View.

Rich View Support - A selection of viewer interfaces enabling data inspection through the most effective interface. This includes HEX View, Text View, RTF View, Metadata View and OLE Object View.

MS Outlook Not required - A MAPI client such as MS Outlook is not required for viewing TNEF.

Supports TNEF and MAPI messages - Both TNEF encoded mails (winmail.dat) and mails from MAPI stores (*.msg files) are supported.

Data Extraction - 'Save Data to Disk' enables the extraction of bodies, attachments and any other property to disk.

Decoding of RTF compressed bodies - Compressed RTF bodies are decoded for direct inspection through the RTF View.

Nested email attachments - 'Open Embedded Message' enables the opening of attachments containing a TNEF encoded email.

OLE attachments - OLE object attachments may be previewed and opened through the OLE View.

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    Andreas 2 stars May 3, 2005
    Maybe the software is good. But: What is the evulation licence process? How does it work? I never received a key. When I which to evaluate a software, I'm not interessted in sending my email address somewhere; Sorry and greetings.
    Stefan Engelbert 5 stars April 12, 2005
    Well, I followed Jacksons advise and tested his tool as well. But its impossible to beat the WinDeveloper TNEF View. Jacksons tool failed with 90% of the non-obvious TNEF mail variants. WinDeveloper TNEF View handled ALL of them. Well done. Great tool!!!
    Frank Hellmann 5 stars April 8, 2005
    This windeveloper TNEF View is a must for every serious mail expert. In fact while we were developing our Aloaha PDF Suite we evaluated quite a lot of TNEF Tools (freeware and commerical) and decided to buy the windeveloper TNEF View. It was the only one keeping its feature promises and handling 100% of all TNEF Mails!
    Robert 5 stars April 8, 2005
    Excellent application! This tnef viewer is the only which fully supports this encoding. I could extract everything from bodies, attachments, recipients, submission time, priority and even OLE attachments!! But what I liked most is the fact that this application supports viewing TNEF from within MIME without the need to extract the attachment first.
    Jackson 3 stars April 7, 2005
    We develop a tools - WMViewer for Windows, It's a GUI utility to dealing with the winmail.dat file (TNEF message), it can extract the winmail.dat, view mail body and save any attachments. It support Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003. You can get it from It's a freeware
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