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Download Messages from Internet Mail Accounts:
- single and multiple user accounts;
- pop3 and imap;
- unlimited mail accounts;
- parallel processing;
- download from more that one isp;
- special message headers supported;
- internet mailbox sharing;
- message size restriction.

Rules Engine:
Complete control of all messages entering or leaving your network. Easy to use and flexible:
- specify conditions
eXchange POP3 allows you to specify from a long list of conditions when a rule should be triggered;
-specify actions
If the conditions of a message are met the actions you specify are performed on the message.

Virus Scanning:
eXchange POP3's virus scanning architecture works with almost all virus scanners on the market.

Outgoing Mail (Internet-Bound):
- smart host or dns;
- on demand processing;
- 2 methods of isp sending authentication.

You can create folders for storing messages. Messages are stored to a folder if a rule is configured to do so or if you have configured virus scanning to quarantine infected messages. You can view the list of messages in a folder including their properties and histories. You can also forward messages to a list of recipients.

Queues are special folders where messages are stored for processing. This allows you to see what messages are waiting to be sent to the Internet or Exchange Server.

Internet Connection:
Connect to the Internet using any connection method including dial-up, proxy server, dedicated network connection, DSL, cable modem, etc..

Flexible scheduling allows you to specify how often during any part of the week to send/receive messages.

Quick and easy installation and setup with eXchange POP3's Configuration Wizard. Just answer a few simple questions and the Wizard will do the rest.

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    Carl Martins 5 stars August 29, 2003
    Easy to use, free phone support, cool user interface, rock solid, and tech support speaks English and knows their stuff. Thanks.
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