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RTE FAX For Exchange


RTE FAX for Microsoft Exchange 2000 is natively integrated into the Microsoft messaging service. It is managed from a single administration point, MMC (Microsoft Management Console), common to Windows 2000, RTE FAX and Exchange 2000. With RTE FAX for Microsoft Exchange 2000 you can prepare your message in your messaging service client, add attachments and send them in the same way as an e-mail. It is compatible with the majority of hardware solutions on the market (Fax boards, ISDN units and modem racks). It does not require a dedicated server. The RTE FAX architecture enables you to use one or more Fax or messaging service servers on one or more sites. This architecture enables you to use the "Low Cost Routing" (LCR), "Load distribution" and "Internet Fax" functions.

Numerous interfaces are available for Fax transmission from remote systems. For example, there is an interface for the SAP software program, and another enables you to send a Fax direct from shared directory or a printer spooler.

Main features include:
- True Exchange connector
- Complete control of access rights in Exchange administration
- Fully supports Exchange and Outlook forms
- A true 32-bits NT Service
- Simultaneous management of up to 256 fax lines
- ISDN/CSID routing of incoming faxes
- Fax preview before sending.

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