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SpamSource helps collect information from messages for use in reporting unsolicited junk email. Quickly and easily retreives the email message header and body information for use in Spam Reporting services, notifying email administrators.

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    Daedalus Software 0 stars December 3, 2003
    Please contact Daedalus Software at if you are still having difficulties and we will help you get SpamSource working. Sorry about the inconvience, Daedalus Software Support
    Dennis 0 stars November 9, 2003
    Same problem as Larry. Version 1 which I did have worked fine. This version won't complete set up on XP Pro. Running MSI package just hangs machine in searching for applications. To bad newer version doesn't work.
    Larry 2 stars August 28, 2003
    Tried on XP, said it couldn't write to a registry key (MarkRead). Failed to do anything with Outlook XP. Tried on NT with Outlook 200, same MarkRead registry complain, only got a button that pasted the header and the decoded body into the clipboard. Frankly, if that's all it does, I'm not impressed. Email me if you'd like to talk about it.
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