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IMI Mailbox Web Console


A really powerful, flexible and fast web-based Exchange Server Administrator. You can manage most of the parameters of your organization completely via the web, including:

  • Administrators can change the most frequently used attributes of Mailboxes, Distribution Lists and Custom Recipients.
  • Administrators can create Mailboxes, Distribution Lists and Custom Recipients.
  • Administrators can delete Mailboxes, Distribution Lists and Custom Recipients.
  • Administrators may change the password of any user.
  • Administrators may also delegate administrative privileges to selected users.
  • Now the Administrator can add, change, delete an additional PROXY Addresses
  • Users can instantly change own mailbox attributes.
  • Users can see all own addresses.
  • Users can instantly change own passwords, including a "Hint" capability for lost passwords.
  • Secure. The passwords and any other administrative information are always managed into the built-in NT/MS-Exchange security model and never get saved or buffered outside it.
  • Flexible and risk-free. The NES Edition** was designed to install and run on any (less-critical) non-Exchange NT machine domain member.
  • Fast, reliable and small. This IMI product has been carefully developed using only native MS Exchange API and Extended MAPI , because at this time it is 10-99 times faster and more stable than using CDO and/or ADSI (See Tests).
  • Customizable. Custom interface design and new features (attributes list and layout) that exactly meet the requirements of your organization is available by request

This program is no longer available for download from our website. Please contact the author of IMI Mailbox Web Console at for any additional information.

Version: 2.0


July 11, 2003

Commercial $199

Win NT/2000

Interface languages:

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